Low Risk Defensive

Identify and manage your risk when driving with our suite of     courses, suitable for anyone whose work requires them to be on the road.

From identifying risk while driving on and off the road, to employing strategies and making decisions to ensure safety, our courses will enhance low risk defensive driving skills.  

Courses are available at Getabout training venues. Alternatively, contact us to arrange for our experienced instructors to come to your work site, and tailor our training to your specific needs.

We understand what it means to operate a vehicle in the transport and logistics industries and have identified the following courses to meet your industry requirements. Course code links to further information.




RIIVEH201E Operate light vehicle

Suitable for all team members using any vehicle for work especially those travelling long distances or encountering rural and gravel road conditions. 

FWPCOT3325 Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads

Suitable for all team members using a 4WD vehicle for work encountering gravel roads and off highway conditions. Low range capable vehicle required.


Certificates and statements of attainment are issued within 30 days of successful completion of the course.