About Us

Getabout is a family business. Family values are at its core.

John and Julie Eggenhuizen have always loved the great outdoors, and have travelled the length and breadth of Australia in their 4WD.  Their children — Lynette, Carl and Peter — all have the outback spirit in their blood.  Peter was just five days old when he got taken on his first offroad adventure!

John and Julie started Getabout almost 30 years ago and have delivered 4WD training courses to industry and individuals across Australia and the globe — from China to Germany, from Dubai to Finland.  Today, Getabout has a team of over 40 instructors with decades of experience between them.  Getabout’s mission is to be a Centre of Excellence for on and offroad driver education.

 “People still ask us, ‘Do you have a real job?  ’ We feel very lucky that we get to do what we love every day, to help build people’s confidence and pass on our passion for Australia’s incredible outdoors.”

Whatever you need to embark on your next adventure, when you train with Getabout, you’re part of the family.

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